Chlorination System Design & Installation

Being our primary business, chlorination system design and installation is completed with expert workmanship.  Each water system is evaluated and the chlorine injection system is designed to provide the desired chlorine dose with room for fluctuation on both sides of the dosing range, and this allows for maximum versatility.

  Our experience in chlorination gives you the assurance that we will install the best available product/system for your application.  If we see any problem or potential pitfall prior to installation of your system, we make sure that you are aware of other options so that you are getting the best chlorination system you can.

Chlorine Delivery and Installation         

Our service staff will deliver and install chlorine bleach as needed.  In cases where we have a service contract, the delivery will be automatic with no concern to the water system operator or staff.  This convenient service allows Coast to inspect the chlorination system, as well as other water system components, during deliveries to ensure a safe and properly operating system at all times.

Chlorinator Rebuilding

Coast is dedicated to keeping your chlorination system operating at peak efficiency.  If we see a chlorinator is in need of rebuilding or replacement, we will advise you immediately.  Chlorinators needing rebuilding are replaced immediately, and the rebuilding is completed at our shop.  This allows you to have an optimal chlorinator at all times, period. 

If you observe that any part of your chlorination system is in need of repair of replacement, just let us know, and we will take care of it immediately.

Integrating Systems

In cases where an existing water system is requiring chlorination, we effectively and efficiently integrate the chlorination system into the existing system with limited or no downtime of the water system.

Our experienced staff has completed hundreds of system installations with such efficiency.

Problem Solving, Troubleshooting, and Water Treatment Consulting

For water systems having trouble with:

Well Assessment and Well Cleaning

 Coast Chlorinator can effectively identify and solve the water quality problem you have.

Emergency Service 

In rare cases where bleach inadvertently allowed to empty without replacement, or liquid chemicals happen to run out at an inopportune time, Coast will be there to get you the chemicals you need. 

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